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I am obsessed with their jewels. Look so elegant and sophisticated. Something that suits any style. Very minimalist. Makes simple beautiful. I have been an ambassador for 6 months now and so far the brand has been great to me. Took a while to get the products but when I received it it's worth the wait. 


Hi guys, my name is Jade and I'm 14 years old. I started being a brand ambassador for vonachi a few months ago. They messaged me and my mom agreed. My experience with Vonachi has been really good so far. I was really happy when I received my package. The jewels are so cute. I also got my 60% off discount code. Yaaaaay!


As a woman of color, I like the fact that Vonachi has given women like me an opportunity to feel valued and appreciated. That we mattered. Their motto is all about inclusivity and diversity and not a lot of brands accepts people like me. We are not societies definition of standard of beauty. Just feels good to be part of a brand that values everyone.